Presenters at the
2004 East Coast Oughtred Society Meeting.
November 6, 2004.  Report and images by Jim Cerny.  (3/2005)

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Presentations were made during our seated lunch. Conrad Schure, as host and moderator, reviewed procedures for the afternoon auctions and introduced the schedule of speakers. Three of the four presentations involved K&E.

Kate Matthews' presentation was titled "A Tour of the Keuffel & Esser Factory (Circa 1910)."

Kate described the history of the factory in Hoboken, NJ, using poster-sized copies of old illustrations, which she later gave to the MIT Museum (see below).

Tom Russo, Sr., and Tom Russo, Jr., presented an "Update on the Museum of the History of Business and Technology."

The Russos reviewed, with slides, many of the items in the Museum, with stories highlighting both items they got and items that got away.

Dr. Debbie Douglas' presentation was titled "A Landmark Acquisition: The Keuffel & Esser Company Slide Rule Collection Comes to the MIT Museum."

Debbie described the gift by InteliCoat Technologies of Springfield, MA, of the surviving cabinet of K&E factory samples and the beginning of a process to plan an exhibition of the gift. See her subsequent article of the same title in the Fall 2004 (v. 13, n. 2) issue of the Journal of the Oughtred Society, pp. 8-9. See, too, the report by Jim Cerny on the exhibition planning workshop held in December 2004. Debbie invited the Oughtred Society to hold next year's (2005) East Coast Meeting at the MIT Museum and the Society has accepted the invitation.

Bob Otnes presented "K&E 1880 to 1913: The Golden Years."

Bob discussed important early rules in K&E history as they transitioned from rules made in Europe for their label to making rules of their own. Examples, which Bob had on his display table, included: a Lenoir rule, the so-called Rosetta Rule with both Dennert & Pape and K&E markings; and the Cox Duplex rule. Bob gave out a booklet of more than 50 pages, extensively illustrated, that documented the early K&E history in detail.

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