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Since 2005 the Oughtred Society Award Committee has annually honoured any outstanding contribution to the world community involved with slide rules and historical calculating instruments with a prestigious Award. Alongside any such Award, the Committee can also annually bestow a Fellowship on a member for substantial contributions to the Oughtred Society itself.


The OS Award Committee decided that the 2016 OS Award should go to:

Günter Kugel (Germany)

Günter Kugel, for sharing his wide-ranging knowledge of slide rules with fellow collectors and researchers over the past 25 years in publications, numerous meeting discussions and private communications.

See More Details on the Past OS Award Winners


    The 2016 OS Fellowships for substantial contribution to the Society or to national organizations go to:

    • Herbert Bruderer (Germany): for his recent book "Meilenstein der Rechentechnik" and earlier publications.
    • Jose Fernández (Spain): for his publications in IM Proceedings, UKSRC Gazette and the OS Journal, and for his activities in the ARC (Amigos de las Reglas de Cálculo) in Spain.
    • David Walker (United Kingdom):for his publications in the UKSRC Gazette.
    • David Siminovitch (Canada): for his activities as Assistant Editor of the OS Journal.
    Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 OS Award and Fellowships from the OS Award Committee - Otto van Poelje (Chairman), Karl Kline, Mike Konshak, and Rod Lovett). Please submit recommendations for the 2017 Awards to Otto van Poelje at ovpoelje@rekenlinialen.org

  • OS award procedures V6 2016 (pdf).

Award recipients receive a framed certificate (such as this one awarded posthumously to Michael O'Leary) and a gold-coloured pin in a special presentation box. Members bestowed with a Fellowship receive a letter of accreditation and silver-coloured pin in a presentation box

The Oughtred Society
Cummulative Hall of Fame from 1992

"For outstanding contributions to the world community involved with slide rules and historical calculating instruments"

2016 Günter Kugel for sharing his wide-ranging knowledge of slide rules with fellow collectors and researchers over the past 25 years in publications, numerous meeting discussions and private communications.

2015 Chris Hakkaart for his unwavering chairmanship of the Dutch KRING over the last 15 years, and for his stimulating leadership in organizing four successful IMs in the Netherlands IM2003, 2007, 2010, and 2014, adding to each programme specials such as a "theme", a participants gift, the partners' outing, and more.

2015 Ed Chamberlain for his research over many years on long-scale slide rules, his systematic catalogues and publications, his special services to the Oughtred Society such as the publication of the OS Newsletter, and his US ambassador role at most of the IMs in Europe.

2014 David Sweetman for assuming in 2012 the challenging job of Managing Editor of the Journal of the Oughtred Society, and advancing the Journal's quality in timeliness, contents, lay-out, format and formatting tools used; in addition for his editorship of the IM2011 Proceedings and his crucial role in all other publication activities of the Oughtred Society.

2014 Karl Klein for his driving force in organizing in Germany many RST meetings and the International Meeting IM2013, and for the editing and publication of the Proceedings books of IM2013 and especially of IM2004, being the most extensive Dennert & Pape - ARISTO book on the firm's history, products, brochures, manuals etc.

2013 Clark McCoy for smoothly running since 2006 all administrative and financial tasks in the Oughtred Society to such perfection that not many members realize the quality and quantity of his work; in addition for his publications and his website mccoys-kecatalogs.com on Keuffel & Esser, his special field of interest.

2012 George Kean for his research on the history of the Festus Mfg. Co. and its successor The Acu-Rule Mfg. Co. His work has been a valuable tool for all slide rule collectors. George unselfishly helped other people in their research of the Acu-Rule Mfg. Co. He was an early donor of the Slide Rule Loaner program for schools. His donor set of Acumath 400 slide rules are always out on loan to schools.

2011 David Rance for his many excellent and well-researched presentations and articles, often on unusual items and made very entertaining and humorous, for his willingness and invaluable assistance to our German authors to improve the English translation of their articles, and for his help and involvement in both KRING and the OS, by helping to drive committees, improvements and activities in our global collecting community.

2011 Robert Koppany for the creative effort that brought about the "new look" to the JOS - in particular as the designer of the new front cover, new layout, use of colour and organising new contacts and agreements with the printer, for doing a superb job as the new Editor of the JOS and many hours of typesetting and for the pioneering graphic design and layout of many other OS publications such as: "The Slide Rule Reference Manual".

2010 Peter Holland for building, maintaining and acting as web-master for the popular and informative RST website for German speaking slide rule collectors, for publishing the acclaimed "Rechenschieber/Slide Rules A.W. Faber/A.W. Faber-Castell" encyclopaedia and for his many well-prepared contributions to international collector publications, the International Meetings for Collectors (IM's) and national RST meetings.

2010 Ted Hume for masterminding many of the "behind the scenes" OS activities and motivating the army of needed OS volunteers to carry out all sorts of projects, for becoming an Associate Editor and coordinator for the submission of all articles and ensuring that the JOS is now back on its original Spring-Fall publication cycle and as author or main editor for many ground-breaking and successful OS publications.

2009 Werner Rudowski for his in-depth historical research into English and German slide rules from the 17th to 19th century, or the resulting high-quality ground-breaking publications, presentations and exhibitions and for his lectures to the public to keep the importance of logarithms and slide rules alive.

2009 Mike Konshak for his positive and proactive role as webmaster for the Oughtred Society, for the success of his on-line "Slide Rule Museum" in triggering interest around in the world for slide rule collecting and for his educational activities in setting up a curriculum and associated worldwide slide rule loan programme to further the teaching of mathematics and the use of slide rules in schools

2009 Werner Girbardt & Werner Schmidt for organising four international science and technology symposia at the University of Greifswald, for setting up the "Rechentechnische Sammlung" museum collection and for creating an information rich on-line catalogue of the slide rules and other calculating instruments in the collection.

2008 Otto van Poelje for his many contributions to the Journal of the Oughtred Society and Slide Rule Gazette, his continuous contributions to the Dutch "Kring" and international organizations, as Regional Director- Europe, for serving as a member of the Board of Directors of the Oughtred Society and for taking a leading role in all the International Meetings held in The Netherlands

2008 Panagiotis (Pano) Venetsianos for his work in collecting Gauge Mark names and values and for the publication of the "Pocketbook of the Gauge Marks".

2008 Joe Soper for sharing his knowledge and experience as ex-employee of Keuffel & Esser in articles and in his book "K&E Salisbury Product Division Slide Rules" on Design and Production of Slide Rules, especially the Deci-Lon.

2007 Rodney Lovett for creating in 2004, maintaining and extending a number of powerful and user-friendly online databases and search engines, to look for many facets of slide rule information: Literature Search and Retrieval, eBay Search, ISRG and Forum Archive, and more recently Herman's Archive. These information services have made the accumulated slide rule knowledge widely available to every collector, anytime and anywhere.

2006 Walter Shawlee II for drawing over the past 10 years more than half a million visits to his striking website "Slide Rule Universe", combining with commercial offers a wealth of information on slide rules and their operation, manuals, brands, types, construction, maintenance and history, thereby encouraging many beginning slide rule enthusiasts. Also for his support of The Oughtred Society by promoting the Society in his website activities and his involvement in the OS "Slide Rule Reference Manual".

2005 Thomas Wyman for researching the history of slide rules, for authoring many articles in the Journal of the Oughtred Society and for serving the Society as Member and Officer, since 1997 as President.

2004 Klaus Kühn for rallying German slide rule collectors into the Rechenschieber-Sammler Treffen (RST) group, for his leading role in the organization of the International Meeting IM2001 in Munich and the IM2004 in Bad Driburg, and for initiating and coediting the comprehensive reference book "Dennert & Pape / ARISTO 1872-1978".

2003 Herman van Herwijnen (1929-2004) for co-founding the Dutch Circle (KRING) and for collecting over some 15 years data and images of many thousands of slide rules and publishing this treasure of information in the "Blue book" and later digital "Slide Rule Catalogue".

2002 Michael O'Leary (1951-2003) for stimulating and moderating internet discussions on the "International Slide Rule Group" knowingly and kindly, and for researching and publishing comprehensive studies and catalogues, especially on Keuffel & Esser and Pickett slide rules.

2001 Andrew D. Davie for starting the first major slide rule website "Slide Rule Trading Post" and the "Slide Rule Forum" discussion group on the internet, reaching many hundreds of international slide rule collectors with highlights like the first slide rule emulator, the Soviet calculators collection, and the "slide rule with digital display" hoax.

2000 Hans (1926-2000) & Irene Dennert for preserving, organizing and sharing the extensive Dennert / ARISTO archive and collection with museums and collectors, and for intensively supporting, publishing and presenting studies of the history of their company.

1999 Peter M. Hopp for writing his extensive reference book "Slide Rules Their History, Models and Makers" on slide rules, for his organizational activities in the UKSRC and UKbased International Meetings, for co-editing the "Slide Rule Gazette", and for publishing many diverse research studies and articles.

1998 Heinz Joss for his research and publications especially on Swiss slide rules and for his leading role in the organization of the International Meeting IM1998 in Huttwil.

1997 Dieter von Jezierski for writing the first modern book "Slide Rules A Journey Through Three Centuries" on slide rules, for his substantial role in the organization of the International Meeting IM1997 in Stein, and for sharing his wide expertise acquired as collector and as former employee at Faber-Castell in numerous research publications and communications.

1996 Colin Barnes for rallying slide rule collectors into the United Kingdom Slide Rule Circle (UKSRC), for research and publishing of many articles, facsimiles and transcriptions of originals, for editing the "Skid Stick" magazine, the "Slide Rule Gazette", and for his substantial role in the organization of the International Meeting IM1996 in Cambridge and later meetings.

1995 Ijzebrand Schuitema for organizing slide rule collectors into the Dutch Circle (KRING), for his impressive series of national and international expositions and research publications and books, and for his leading role in the organization of the first International Meeting IM1995 in Utrecht and later meetings

1994 Conrad Schure for researching the history of slide rules, for authoring many articles since the early 1990s in the Journal of the Oughtred Society, for serving the Society as Regional Advisor and since 2000 as Treasurer, and for organizing and hosting the Society's East Coast Meetings for many years

1993 Robert K. Otnes for co-founding The Oughtred Society, for starting and publishing the Journal of the Oughtred Society and for building it as Editor and often as author over the past 14 years into the quality publication which is now The Oughtred Society's flagship product, and for extensive research of the history of slide rules

1992 Rodger Shepherd for co-founding The Oughtred Society, for starting and publishing the Journal of the Oughtred Society in the early years, for major contributions in organizational activities, and for research, Journal papers and continent-bridging translations

When the Award scheme was initiated in 2005 Fellowships were bestowed retrospectively for the period 1992-2005 rather than a specific year.


2016 Günter Kugel
2015 Ed Chamberlain
2015 Chris Hakkaart
2014 Karl Kleine
2014 David Sweetman
2013 Clark McCoy
2012 George Keane
2011 Robert Koppany
2011 David Rance
2010 Ted Hume
2010 Peter Holland
2009 Mike Konshak
2009 Werner Girbardt &
2009 Werner Schmidt
2009 Werner Rudowski
2008 Otto van Poelje
2008 Joe Soper
2008 Panagiotis Venetsianos
2007 Rodney Lovett
2006 Walter Shawlee II
2005 Thomas Wyman
2004 Klaus Kühn
2003 Herman van Herwijnen
2002 Michael O'Leary
2001 Andrew D. Davie
2000 Hans & Irene Dennert
1999 Peter M. Hopp
1998 Heinz Joss
1997 Dieter von Jezierski
1996 Colin Barnes
1995 IJzebrand Schuitema
1994 Conrad Schure
1993 Robert K. Otnes
1992 Rodger Shepherd

1992 through 2016

Andrews, Howard W.
Babcock, Bruce E.
Barnes, Colin,
Bento, Joseph
Black, Don
Blankenhorn, Rick
Borchers, Brian
Bruderer, Herbert
Casey, Steven
Castleberry, Clay
Catlow, John T.
Catt, Cyril B.J.
Cerny, Jim
Chamberlain, Edwin J.
Cordon, Tina
Davie, Andrew D.
Davis, W. Richard
De Cesaris, Robert
de Mann, Andries
Douglas, Deborah
Drechsler, Stefan
Dreikorn, Barry
Flom, Gary
Fernández, Jose
Green, Alex E. S.
Hakkaart, Chris
Holland, Peter
Hopp, Peter M.
Hughes, Richard Smith
Hume, Ted
Joss, Heinz
Keane, George
Kielhofer, Craig
Kleine, Karl
Knapp, Ron
Konrad-Klein, Jochen
Konshak, Michael V.
Koppany, Robert
Krämer, Klaus
Kugel, Günter
Kühn, Klaus
Lehnert, Wayne
Leipälä, Timo
Lloyd, Brian
Lodge, Ian
Lovett, Rodney
Maack, Dennis
Maor, Eli
Marras, Nikola
Martin, Gonzalo
Martin, Tom
Matthews, Kate
Mays, Steven
McCarthy, Jerry
McCoy, Clark
McFarland, David D.
McKenna, Jerome
Moon, Marion
Mosand, John
Nestler, Jürgen
Otnes, Robert K.
Price, Osborne
Purcell, Brian
Quiroz, César
Rance, David G.
Riches, David
Robinson, William K.
Robbrecht, Willy
Ross, Paul
Rudowski, Werner
Russo, Thomas A.
Sauer, Robert J.
Schreiber, Georg
Schuitema, IJzebrand
Schure, Conrad
Shawlee II, Walter
Shepherd, Rodger
Siminovitch, David
Soper, Joseph
Strange, Carl
Sweetman, David
Thomas, Marc
Toussaint, Daniel
Van der Salm, Simon
Van Poelje, Otto E.
Van Riet, Ronald
Vander Meulen, Pierre
Venetsianos, Panagiotis
Von Jezierski, Dieter
Walker, David
Weiss, Stephan
Wyman, Thomas
Zazza, Jorge Fabregas
Zeldes, Nathan
Zerfowski, Detlef



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