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Links Library: Slide Rule and Mechanical Calculator Web Sites

Table of Contents

The Links Library is one long list, organized by sections. Either scroll through the list or use this Table of Contents to jump to a section.

If you have additional links to suggest, please send e-mail to oughtredsociety@comcast.net

General Information: Slide Rules
ISRM Slide Rule Library
ISRM Slide Rule Encyclopedia
ISRM Slide Rule Course
Slide Rule Universe
Rod Lovett’s Slide Rules
Ron Manley’s Slide Rules
Clark McCoy's K&E Site
Eric’s Slide Rule Site
Hemmi Slide Rule Archive
Otis King's Patent Calculator
Basic Slide Rule Instructions
U.S. Smithsonian Museum - Search for Slide Rules
Nigel Bromley - About Slide Rules
John Savard’s Slide Rule Pages
What You Can Do with a Slide Rule - Peter Alfeld
Slide rule - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
UCSD Freshman Seminar on the Slide Rule, Professor Joe Pasquale
The History, Theory and Use of the Slide Rule (from Wayback Machine)
A History Of The Slide Rule
Homemade Slide Rules
How to Make a Slide Rule (archive link)
Software for Generating Code for Making Your Own Slide Rule (etching and photolithography
Nuclear Slide Rules
Pilot Balloon Slide Rules
Derek's Virtual Slide Rule Gallery
Try the Slide Rule Emulator
Wolf-G. Blumich's Mechanical Calculating Equipment
William Oughtred
Napier's Bones and the Genaille-Lucas Rulers
The Hewlett Packard Museum of Calculators
Museum of Pocket Calculating Devices
Astragal Press
History of Computing by Nathan Zeldes
Zvi Doron's UltraLog project
Bryan Purcell's Cosmic Thinker website
Nicola Marras's Slide Rule and Calculator website

General Information: Calculators
John Wolff's Web Museum
Calculators Online Center
Calculator Museum - Hans Bloemen
The Hewlett Packard Museum of Calculators
Gerhard Wenzel's Museum of Pocket Calculating Devices
Greg Saville's Curta Calculating Machines
Jan Meyer - Geschichte der Rechenhilfsmittel
Friedrich Diestelkamp - Addiatoren
Rainer Stumpe - Rechenschieber
Mechanical Calculators prior to the 19th Century
Wolf-G. Blumich's Mechanical Calculating Equipment
Universitat Wurzburg: Rechenschieber
The Collection of Calculating Devices - Andreas Tabak
A Brief History of Computing - Complete Timeline (via Wayback Machine)
Contributions to the History of Mechanical Calculation (Stephan Weiss)
Moonstick (via Wayback Machine)
Abacus - the Art of Calculating with Beads
X-Number on Calculators (James Redin)
DataMath Calculator Museum (Joerg Woerner)
Rechnerlexikon - World of mechanical calculating (Wiki Site)
Nicola Marras's Slide Rule and Calculator website
eMathHelp's Factoring Calculator

Organizations: Slide Rules
The Oughtred Society
The International Slide Rule Group
Dutch Circle of Slide Rule Collectors
United Kingdom Slide Rule Circle
ARC: Amigos de las Reglas de Cálculo

Organizations: Calculators
[ none active ]

Sellers: Slide Rules
Slide Rule Universe
Slide Rule Trading Co.
International Slide Rule Museum
David Crate's Quality Slide Rules
The Slide Rule Guy
David Thompson - The Slide Rule Shop (United Kingdom)
eBay (search for "slide rule")

Sellers: Calculators
Gilai Collectibles

Collectors: Slide Rules
ISRM Slide Rule Who's Who
Ron Manley's Slide Rules (United Kingdom)
Rod Lovett's Slide Rules (United Kingdom)
Jorge Fabregas Zazza's Reglas De Calculo (Spain)
Clark McCoy's K&E Site
Eric’s Slide Rule Site
Greg’s Slide Rules
Mike Konshak's Slide Rules
Atsushi Tomozawa (Japan)
The Slide Rule Guy
Dick Lyon’s Otis King site
Giovanni Breda (Italy)
Dave van Domelen’s Slide Rules
Chris Gillings
La mia collezione di regoli calcolatori Scarpaz Collection (Italy)
Giovanni Pastore
Andreas Tabak Slide Rules
Todd Tolhurst (d. Jan. 16, 2020) (via Wayback Machine)
Kent Walker (via Wayback Machine)
Peter Owen (via Wayback Machine)
David M. Riches Mathematical Instruments
Hubert's "My Faber Castell Slide Rule Collection"
Dave Hoyer's Slide Rules
Tina Cordon's Slide Rules
Gonzalo Martin
Bob Adam's Slide Rule Site
Fabrizio Brentini's Slide Rule Site
David's Calculating Sticks
Steve Seale's Slide Rules

Collectors: Calculators
Giovanni Breda

Other: Museums
The MIT Museum
The Hewlett Packard Museum of Calculators
Computer History Museum
Calculator Online Museum
Macleay Museum
International Slide Rule Museum
Museum of Pocket Calculating Devices
Science Museum of London
Smithsonian National Museum of American History

Other: Flight Computers
Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co.
ASA, Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc.
Jeppesen, A Boeing Company
Pooley's Flight Equipment

Other: Slide Charts and Perrygrafs
ISRM Slide Charts and Disks
The Wonderful World of Perrygrafs and Slide Charts (Sphere)
Alcott Calculator Company
Allegheny Printed Plastics
American Slide Chart Corp.
Connecticut Laminating Co.
Datalizer Slide Charts
IWA Inc.
Mear Calculators
Perrygraf Corp.
Pilgrim Plastics
Plastic Graphic Company
Rainbow Magnets
Woodrow Engineering



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