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Membership Information.

Interested in Slide Rules
and other Calculating Devices?

Join the Oughtred Society!
We invite all to join us
in this fascinating pursuit.

As a member of The Oughtred Society, you will have the following benefits:

  1. You will receive an annual subscription to The Journal of the Oughtred Society published twice annually. This internationally acclaimed journal is the most authoritative source on slide rules and mechanical calculators, with each issue containing a wealth of information about makes and makers, models, uses, history, and more. Members are encouraged to submit articles.

  2. Members may purchase back issues of the Journal, from 1991 to present.

  3. You will receive the annual Members Directory, a great resource for locating and communicating with other collectors, dealers, and aficionados.

  4. You may attend the three annual meetings, on the West Coast in June, on the East Coast in November, and in Las Vegas in February. At these meetings members exchange information, display items from their collections, and have the opportunity to participate in an auction, where many kinds of slide rules and calculators are sold, from the ordinary to the rare.

1. New and Renewing Members.

Domestic (USA) annual memberships are $35.00 and International (non-USA) annual memberships are $45.00. Membership is for a calendar year from January 1 through December 31, and dues are payable January 1st. This applies both to new memberships and renewals. You can use your credit card if you pay via PayPal or you can pay directly by check in US dollars. On receipt of payment you will be sent any materials already published in the current calendar year.

OS Membership (New Member)
OS Membership (Member Renewal)

Do you have trouble remembering to Renew? Use this handy Subscription button to get your Oughtred Society membership, with subscription to the Journal, charged automatically every year. You'll be notified when that occurs. Note that the subscription function is only available up through the end March

Annual OS membership (Auto Renew)

Visit the Journal page for buying past Journals or current publications, or Click VIEW CART if finished shopping.

Or, Paying Directly by Check for All Memberships:

To pay by check, send payment in the amount of $35.00 (USA) or $45.00 (International) to:

The Oughtred Society
9 Stephens Ct.
Roseville, CA   95678

2. Updating Current Members.

If your contact information changes during the year, please e–mail the Secretary of the Oughtred Society at secretary@oughtred.org

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