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Otto E. van Poelje

During the year 2013, Otto van Poelje was experimenting with photographing and scanning, in high resolution, the larger types of his slide rules. To make this image gallery somewhat wider, he was gracefully permitted to use also specimens from other collectors (the 4B "Textile", and the 5C "Pricing" from David Rance, the 8A&B "Matthijssen" from John Vossepoel, and the 13B "Bygrave" from Ronald van Riet). The result was such that Otto decided to have those images printed in a large format "coffee table" book, 30 by 60 cm, which could be opened flat so that the long scales fitted completely - in near real size - on two opposite pages. The book was printed in small numbers because the price was quite high for a 13-page photobook. When ordering the next batch, it turned out that the digital printer had stopped producing this particular size and quality. Therefore, an "ebook", giving the same contents as the 2013 paper version, is now available at the Oughtred Society website for members and all other interested collectors.

This electronic version is dedicated to the memory of our Oughtred Society fellow collector & long-scale slide rule connoisseur Edwin Chamberlain († 18-10-2017)

This publication is now available as a free download on our website LONG-SCALE SLIDE RULES in LIFE-SIZE IMAGES.


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