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Specialized Slide Rules

for Electronic Engineers

A Collection of Articles Edited by

Richard Smith Hughes

Specialized Slide Rules for Electronic Engineers: A new publication, introduced late in 2017 by the Oughtred Society, is a collection of articles about many of the specialized slide rules used in electronic design. This monograph is an extensive collection of articles edited by Richard Smith Hughes. Richard spent his career designing electronic circuits and when retired taught college level circuit design courses. Richard begins this collection with a brief history of electricity including early communication using spark gap technology. Next the various slide rules, with their special scales to calculate inductive reactance, capacitive reactance and resonant frequency, are described in detail. This publication is now available for sale on our website.

The price is $20.95 USA and $29.95 International, including shipping. It can be ordered directly from the Oughtred Society.


Books size is 8-1/2 x 11 inches soft cover, 62 pages. To place your order, follow these easy steps:

1. Payment Via PayPal.

You may pay for your book with your credit card via PayPal, just use the appropriate pull down button in the table below.

USA Shipments

Price is $20.95 within the United States and $29.95 International. Shipping is included.

Specialized Slide Rules for Electronic Engineers

2. Payment Via Check or Money Order.

Send payment to:

The Oughtred Society
9 Stephens Ct.
Roseville, CA 95678


  • The Oughtred Society charges no handling cost.

book cover
Book cover

Table of Contents
Table of Contents


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