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K&E Salisbury Products Division Slide Rules
by Joseph L. Soper

The Book.

Clark McCoy, OS Membership Secretary writes:

The long awaited book by Joe Soper on K&E slide rule production at the Salisbury Plant is now available. Having read a draft copy a year ago I have been eager for its arrival ever since.

This book is a story told by Joe Soper just like he was sitting in your living room just talking to you. The story is packed with lots of human interest while telling many details of slide rule production at the Salisbury plant. There is something for everybody. How plastic slide rules were made by K&E is the main theme but along the way there are many details about how the scales were laid out, how the molding masters were made and many production details. The bizarre story about the Analon is finally told by someone that was there. How K&E managed the design project of a new major slide rule is told. There are K&E history details not told before. There are 102 photos in the 145 pages of this book.

The Oughtred Society is proud to sponsor this publication. The production efforts of Bob Kopanny and Ted Hume have produced a fine book. This book answers so many questions about slide rules and their production it is a must-have for any K&E slide rule collector and the general slide rule collector.

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About the Author.

Joseph Soper Joseph L. Soper joined K&E in 1966, training at the Hoboken facility and then moving to the Salisbury Products Plant in Lakeville, Connecticut. At Salisbury he progressed from Department Supervisor, to Plant General Foreman, to Production Manager, and then to Plant Manager, a total of twenty-nine years. As Soper notes, "Soon there will be no one left to tell our story. It is with this sense of urgency that I completed this narrative."


Books size is 8-1/2 x 11 inches soft cover, 145 pages. Price is $39.00 plus shipping. To place your order, follow these easy steps:

1. Payment Via PayPal.

Mailing cost is for up to 2 copies.  If additional quantities are desired, please e-mail us at secretary@oughtred.org and we will forward a custom payment request to you.

You may pay for your book with your credit card via PayPal, just click on the appropriate button in the table below.

USA Shipments

Price is US $43.60 for one book or $82.60 for two books shipped in the same Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope, shipping included.

International Shipments

Price is US $50.00 for one book or $89.00 for two books shipped in the same International Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope, shipping included.

2. Payment Via Check or Money Order.

Send payment to:

The Oughtred Society
9 Stephens Ct.
Roseville, CA 95678


  • We do not recommend surface mail for international shipments. Your book might be damaged.
  • These are actual postage costs for shipment by the U. S. Postal Service.
  • The Oughtred Society charges no handling cost.

book cover

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   Page 25

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   Page 34

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   Page 113


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