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Rechenschieber im Wandel der Zeit

(Slide Rules through Time)

by Guus Craenen

(Translations into English and Spanish by Jose G. Fernández)

Dutchman Guus Craenen was a respected expert on German-made Nestler slide rules. So much so he successfully published two books on the maker: Albert Nestler – Die Rechenstäbe van Nestler in ihrem internationalen Umfeld in 2001 and Albert Nestler – Zusammenarbeit mit anderen Herstellen und mit Erfindern in 2004. They are still the “go to” reference books for Nestler. Afterwards Guus embarked on an ambitious project to chart how the slide rule developed and evolved from 1787 to 1905 and the cooperation between the leading German makers of that era: Dennert & Pape based in Hamburg and Albert Nestler based in Lahr. In 2009 Guus published: Rechenschieber im Wandel der Zeit (Slide Rules through Time).

Guus published all his books in German with full intellectual property control. So they were previously only available as a once-off private print run and have been out of print for many years. Renowned slide rule collector and author Jose G. Fernández felt that particularly Guus’ 3rd book had no peer. Jose also felt that besides being out of print, being written in German had stopped part of the collecting community learning from Guus insights and assertions during the telling infancy of how the slide rule developed and evolved. So Jose wanted to translate Guus’ 3rd book into English and Spanish. However, several years ago Guus’ health started going downhill. Today Guus is comfortable but now lives in a care home looking after people suffering from dementia and sadly has no memory of his past passion for slide rules. Luckily Guus’ wife, Anjo Craenen-Princée, agreed to Guus’ 3rd book being translated and gave her approval for it now to be made available free-of-charge to the collecting community. To respect Guus past work, references to the original version have been retained and only scanned facsimiles of the original images are part of the translated versions. Download the English and/or Spanish translation by clicking on the respective link below:

Slide Rules through Time 1787 - 1905

La Regla de Cálculo ente 1787 y 1905




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