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  • Richard Davis has retired as Oughtred Society webmaster. Ace Hoffman has assumed that position as of 2018. In 2019 Ace was voted onto the O.S. B.O.D.. Ace is a computer programmer and published a paper in the Spring 2018 Journal titled The Linear Digital Slide Rule. Hoffman also recently created an animation of the Kaufmann Posographe.

  • New Oughtred Society Board Members The Oughtred Society is pleased to announce that two new members have been appointed to the board of directors: Louis Gotlib and Jim Bready. Louis will also be heading up the Education Committee.

  • Slide Rules of the Major Makers. A New feature on the Oughtred Society Web Site: In this new feature we present all slide rules produced by the eight major makers. This information has existed in several web locations but now exists here in one location. This data was gathered over many years by dedicated researchers.
    Post and Hemmi have complete archives with photos and details for all rules
    K&E has a cross reference with details for all rules, plus a partial photo archive.
    Faber-Castell has a list of all rules with limited details, plus a partial photo archive.
    Dennert & Pape/Aristo have a list of all rules with limited details, plus a partial photo archive.
    Pickett has a cross reference with details for all rules.
    Dietzgen has a cross reference with details for all rules, plus a dateline matrix.
    Nestler has a list of all rules with limited details.

  • 2018 Oughtred Society Annual Meeting Report: The Oughtred Society Annual Meeting for 2018 was held at the Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada and featured many fascinating displays, sevaral presentations, two very nice dinners, and hundreds of interesting items at auction and/or for sale.

  • 2017 Oughtred Society Annual Meeting Report: The Oughtred Society Annual Meeting for 2017 was held at the Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada and featured a great day at the museum with fascinating displays, two presentations, two very nice dinners, and many interesting items at auction and for sale.

  • Meeting Report: The International Meeting 2017 (IM2017) was held on September 22 to 24 at the Arithmeum, at University of Bonn in Germany. Ed Chamberlain attended the meeting, but passed away on October 18, 2017. Hans Kordetzky kindly wrote this meeting report.
  • The Oughtred Society 2017 Hall of Fame.
    IM2017, in Bonn, Germany, it was announced that Robert De Cesaris (USA) and W. Richard Davis (USA) were given the Oughtred Society Award. and one Fellowship was added to the rolls: Wolfgang Irler (Italy) The awards, for outstanding contributions to the world community involved with slide rules and historical calculating instruments, were presented by the OS Award Committee (Karl Kleine, Ed Chamberlain, David Riches and Otto van Poelje).
    Robert's award was presented for his 10-year service to the Oughtred Society as President, for his publications on historical slide rules, and for his leading role in the organization of the International Meetings in the USA: IM2011 in Cambridge MA, and IM2015 in Burlingame, CA.
    Richard's award was presented for his active membership of the OS Board since 2010, contributions to organization of national OS meetings, the OS Journal, management of the OS website, creating Galleries and Archives of Collections, and other work in the OS Publications Group.
    Wolfgang was added to the OS Fellow rolls for his publications in the OS Journal and for his active part in the organization of the International Meeting IM2016 in Trento, Italy.

  • The Fall 2012 (21.2) Journal will contain the following articles and more:
    • The Faber Manuals by Pickworth
    • Chemical Slide Rules: Their History and Use
    • Oughtred Society Scholarship Program
    • Reactance and Associated Slide Charts
    • The Holdman Slide Rule That is Not a SR
    • SRs and WWII Bombing: a Personal History
    • K&E's Beatley IQ Slide Rule
    • Inside the Otis King Patent Calculator
    • Wichman Aristo: Determining True North
    • Alternative Trig. Solutions for Rietz-type SRs
    • The 'Reka Rechenapparat' and Other Tablets
    • Tens Carry...Josef Funke's Adding Device
    • About a French Circular Slide Rule...
    • Book Reviews
    • Two Celestial Navigation Slide Rules
    • Winter Meeting Attendees in California
    • Member Survey 2012
    • Oughtred Society Annual Meeting
  • Sample Articles from the Journal of the Oughtred Society. The Oughtred Society is pleased to present five articles from past issues of the Journal - click the titles below to download the PDF files.

  • September 21-23, 2012 IM 2012 - 18th International Meeting of Slide Rule & Historic Calculating Instrument Collectors "SLIDE RULES for the TRADES". The UK Slide Rule Circle is pleased to again host this regular annual event. This will be held at Bletchley Park, home of the wartime codebreakers. Our main meeting will take place in the Library of the historic Victorian Mansion. See further information under Meetings.

    Printable Information. 396Kb PDF
    Registration Form 27Kb PDF

  • Message Board - We now have a way to communicate with each other on a secure Message Board: Use this forum to read or post messages for exchanging information. You must be a current OS member and log-in to post messages. Give it a try!
  • 2011 Awards & Fellowships were announced at the IM2011 held in Boston, USA - go to the OS Awards webpage to see who the 2011 OS Award went to and which members were honored with a Fellowship.
  • Second edition of the Pocket Book of the Gauge Marks by P. Venetsianos.
    From 2006 through 2010, new members of the Oughtred Society were pleasantly surprised to receive with their very first Journal a complimentary copy of the Pocket Book of the Gauge Marks by Panagiotis (Pano) Venetsianos. The booklet contained some sixty pages of gauge marks, the special marks along slide rule scales for often-used constant values.
    The Oughtred Society is out of stock of these original booklets; however, Pano has now published under the aegis of the Oughtred Society a second edition of the booklet, greatly extended to more than 140 pages. This new version is available for sale to ALL slide rule collectors at the no-profit cost price. The Internet on-demand publishing service Lulu has been chosen to produce and ship the second edition booklets. The initial price is $8.94 excluding shipping (typically $3.99 USPS).
    To order a copy go to lulu.com and search for books in the English language using the keyword "venetsianos".
  • The UKSRC has announced that the UK's largest public exhibition of slide rules has been unveiled at The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park, the specimens being contributed by the members of UKSRC. News anouncements may be seen at MKNEWS. The members of the Oughtred Society wish to congratulate UKSRC for this achievement in bringing slide rules to the British public.
  • IM2011 (International Meeting of Slide Rule Collectors) will be hosted by the Oughtred Society at MIT in Boston. This 17th annual meeting will be held in 2011 in the USA for the first time, previously being been held in Europe and the United Kingdom. The Oughtred Society takes great pleasure in hosting this significant event in the 20th anniversary year of the founding of the Society. Additional information.
  • Call for Nominations - The Oughtred Society Award and Fellowships for 2011. Nominations are now being accepted for these prestigious Awards. Please send your nominations to a member of the Award Committee : David Rance, Chair (Email : osaward[at]xs4all.nl); Gary Flom, Clark McCoy, Peter Hopp, Peter Holland. Any nominations must be received no later than: July 30th 2011. See the OS Awards section of this web site for additional information.
  • K&E Display in Hoboken An exhibit of K&E items will be on display during 2010 at the Hoboken Historical Museum in Hoboken, New York as part of the K&E exhibit, "Surveying The World". Students are handed slide rules during the tour for hands-on understanding of the principles involved. 30 slide rules were provided by the International Slide Rule Museum's SR Loaner program, supported by the Oughtred Society.

  • The 2010 Oughtred Society Hall of Fame recipients have been announced. Our congratulations to the two (2) Award winners and five (5) new OS Fellows!
  • A comprehensive Index for the Journal of the Oughtred Society has been added to the Journal section of this website. This Index was compiled by Oughtred Society member Barry Dreikorn. Many thanks to Barry for this monumental and extremely useful piece of work! The Index provides Article title, Author's name, Item number, Page number, Article Summary and a Keyword list. It is fully searchable. Click JOURNAL here or in the main menu at left.



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